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Question:  I am planing a party what can D&B Temporary Staffing do? 

Answer : D&B can help you plan and organize everything so that you can enjoy your event.


Question:  I need someone to answer my phones for one day is that possible?

Answer : Of course we work on your needs to help your business succeed.


 Question: We just had an emergency and need some to fill a position the same day? 

Answer: Its called an emergency and we understand that sometimes things happen. Call our office 786-845-6859 and we will get right on it trying to find you the right fit in your area that can get to your location ASAP.


Question:  Is there a minimum of hours I need to hire some one for?

Answer: In most cases we ask that you at least hire the person for 4 hours. 



Future questions to be added…….


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